Introduction to Physics


This module introduces physics to students, with emphasis being placed on applications of physics in everyday life.   Students will acquire a broad grounding in physics including classical mechanics, electric and gravitational fields and potentials, electromagnetism and waves, thermal physics, theoretical aspects are reinforced with practical laboratory sessions.  The delivery of the module will be such that it seeks to integrate the physics topics covered such that they are understood within the context of earth and space.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain physical concepts such as SI units and the terms, conventions and units of measurement appropriate to physics.

  2. Describe the underlying concepts and principles of physics as well as their applications in everyday life.

  3. Use mathematical language and the techniques to understand problems in physics and develop problem-solving skills.  

  4. Measure, record and analyse data from practical experiments and use appropriate methods to interpret and report results.

  5. Communicate scientific information accurately and effectively using written, oral, visual and numerical forms.

% Coursework 100%