Introduction to Psychology


This is a Level 6 Module taught over a single semester. It is designed to provide students with a broad introduction to the scope and range of psychological theories and principles, and their application to life. This module will incorporate proficiencies across the domains of practice relevant to the field of psychology that contributes to understanding the person in social care practice.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have a broad knowledge and understanding of the historical and theoretical development of the discipline of psychology, human development, health and wellbeing, disorder and dysfunction as it relates to the Social care Worker (Proficiencies 5.4, 

  2. Describe the role of psychology in various contexts and its contribution to the social and behavioural sciences, identify all behaviours as a form of communication and the evidence base for interventions associated with behaviours  (Proficiencies 2.17, 3.6, 5.10)

  3. Describe and discuss contemporary approaches and schools of thinking in psychology (Proficiency 5.1)

  4. Apply basic psychological theory to understanding human behaviour and lifespan development (Proficiencies 1.22, 1.23, 5.1, 5.6, 5.7, 5.14)

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%