Introduction to Social Care


This module provides an introduction to the theory and practice of professional social care. A central concern is to introduce the student to the centrality of relationships to social care practice. Also of concern will be exploring authenticity and introducing some of the core proficiencies of social care as set out in the CORU Standards of Proficiency for Social Care.

This module maps to the CORU Standards of Proficiency below:

Domain 1:  Professional Autonomy and Accountability

Domain 2:  Communication, Collaborative Practice and Teamworking

Domain 4:  Professional Development

Domain 5:  Professional Knowledge and Skills

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of social care as a theory and practice with particular reference to the CORU Standards of Proficiency (Proficiency: 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 1.8; 2.10; 2.15; 5.8; 5.19) 

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the various fields of practice of the contemporary social care worker in Ireland (Proficieny: 1.1; 1.2; 2.10; 2.15; 5.1).

  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the various institutional, legal and political contexts within which social care is practiced in Ireland (Proficiency 1.1; 1.2; 1.8; 1.9; 2.15).

  4. Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of contemporary models and concepts of social care in selected other European States (Proficiency 1.1; 1.2).

  5. Apply professionalism, professional ethics, person-centred care and personal boundaries to their emerging social care practice (Proficiency 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 1.5; 1.8; 1.9; 1.21; 2.10; 2.13; 2.15; 4.4; 5.8; 5.19).

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%