Ireland's Literary Heritages


The module will provide learners with an understanding of the broad historical and cultural debates surrounding Modern Irish Literature through the critical analysis of a range of poetry, fiction and drama from the 19th & 20th Century.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Outline the historical context and developments in Modern Irish Literary tradition

  2. Appreciate the richness and variety of Ireland's literature over the past two centuries, and its importance on the world stage

  3. Evaluate the connection between Modern Irish literary texts and their historical and social contexts and to understand how, in a discernible way Irish literary texts have functioned as agents for social change.

  4. Identify the major cultural themes and issues that recur in Modern Irish Literature through the study of a wide range of written and visual texts

  5. Demonstrate an understanding of how to critically analyse Modern Irish Literature through oral presentations and written papers

  6. Identify ways that Modern Irish literary heritage is interpreted in the present day via literary museums, festivals, bodies and societies.

% Coursework 100%