IT Professional Skills


The objective of this module is to provide the student with the tools and skills to communicate effectively in the modern software/ computing organisation using appropriate professional tools, digital technology / software and digital writing skills. This module will include local IT Company presentations, opportunities to work as a TEAM using collaborative software, create a positive digital footprint by creating a digital blog/ e-portfolio, This module will prepare the student for work placement / career in IT .

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have attained sufficient information and knowledge in presentation skills, digital writing , interpersonal skills and  communication skills to work effectively and professionally in a modern software/ computing organisation.

  2. Enhance the ability to work effectively in a team, using modern software tools and appropriate communication skills to work effectively on a technology project and present the findings via a class presentation, using modern presentation software.

  3. Develop employability skills and career planning strategies to ensure preparation for work placement / working in a technology company 

  4. Assess the greater role that privacy, security and legislation has in modern digital communication, including concept of digital footprint

  5. Develop Problem Solving / Critical thinking skills enabled by cloud technology applications  eg Wireframe sware / Mockup Sware/ Content Flowcharts rtc for professional digital communication 

% Coursework 100%