IT Professional Skills


The objective of this module is to give the student the tools and skills to communicate effectively in The ICT business environment using appropriate digital technology , oral and written communication skills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have attained sufficient information and knowledge to Write & communicate effectively professionally and confidently in the ICT business environment.

  2. Have acquired & learnt the tools and skills to present a presentation to an audience using a modern presentation tool / Cloud Software (Google slides/ MSPowerpoint/Prezi etc)

  3. Effective creation and use of electronic forums, discussion boards, pinterest boards wiki's etc for enhancement of the communication

  4. Identify importance of Digital writing, report writing, Web2 technologies , Social Software in ICT

  5. Assess the greater role that Web 2 tehnologies play in modern communication, and understand concept of digital footptrint

  6. Be capable of using collaborative communication & the internet effectively in the ICT business environment.

  7. Understand Strategic ONLINE Communications for the corporation, focusing on communications on-line forums, digital writing, cloud computing etc in an IT environment.

  8. Identify how one should conduct projectwork via meetings/teleconferences/videoconferences.

% Coursework 100%