Joinery and Panel Processing


The module Joinery and Panel Processing introduces the theoretical and practical elements of joinery and panel process manufacturing. It provides an overview of the key joinery elements of doors, windows and staircases along with processing technology and systems employed in panel processing. The module broadens knowledge, skill and experience through applied practical assignments and research.

Learning Outcomes

  1. 1. Identify and explain the nature, function, characteristics and integration of components found in joinery and panel process manufacturing.

  2. 2. Specify, integrate and apply standards and regulations relating to the design, setting out and manufacture of joinery elements.

  3. 3. Apply theoretical principles to the manufacture of joinery elements and panel components.

  4. 4. Set up and operate machine technology and equipment allied to joinery production and panel process manufacturing.

  5. 5. Identify and evaluate on-going developments in joinery and panel process manufacturing.

  6. 6. Appraise, analyse, set out and make joinery and panel process elements within defined specification

% Coursework 100%