Leaders of Today and of the Future


In this module students will develop their own leadership skills and explore how to empower children as leaders. The focus will be on collaborative and inclusive approaches to leadership and policy-making.  Gaining leadership skills empowers children to become agents of change and active citizens, building their confidence to solve problems creatively and work collaboratively with others towards a sustainable future.  Students will also examine the importance of democratic governance in the context of policy-making, regulation and practice.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse leadership theories and practices that can be applied in the School Age Childcare setting

  2. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the self and of interpersonal skills needed to lead within the setting.

  3. Examine the dynamics associated with inter-personal and inter-group interactions in the School Age Childcare setting

  4. Analyse how children can master leaderships skills to act as agents of change, advocates and active citizens.

  5. Evaluate the importance of democratic governance in sustaining the School Age Childcare context in relation to practice, regulation and funding.

% Coursework 100%