Leadership and Governance in ECEC settings


This module draws upon theoretical perspectives which inform different understandings of leadership and democratic governance within an ECEC service and beyond the service. The module will explore leadership, group dynamics and facilitation methods to work in partnership with children, parents, colleagues, other organisations and the wider community.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically analyse leadership by gaining an understanding of theories, practice and various models that can be applied in the ECEC setting.

  2. Evaluate the dynamics associated with inter-personal, inter-group and inter-organisational interactions.

  3. Analyse processes that lead to the inclusion of children's voices so they are heard in decisions that affect their lives.

  4. Evaluate the importance of democratic governance in sustaining the ECEC context in relation to practice, regulation and funding.

  5. Demonstrate a critical self-awareness of personal skills and competencies applied during democratic interactions.

% Coursework 100%