Leadership and Management


This module examines the role, importance and impact of effective leadership in the management of a range of organisational environments.  Students will gain an insight into their own leadership style and will critically evaluate the potential of successful leadership to inspire, motivate and manage others, drive strategic vision and deliver on organisational goals. There will be a focus on three dimensions: the self, the team and  the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically appraise theories of leadership and evaluate their potential for application in the workplace. 

  2. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the self and of interpersonal skills needed to lead and manage others in a professional environment.

  3. Apply leadership and collaborative skills to the management of people, teams and resources in an organisation.

  4. Critically analyse the role of leadership in creating and communicating organisational vision, instilling a culture of trust and reaching organisational goals.

  5. Engage in ongoing critical reflection on the effectiveness of his/her own leadership.

% Coursework 100%