Local History


The aim of this module is to provide students with a clear understanding of what 'local history' means, the ability to compile well researched and well written local histories and an in depth knowledge of the history of rural communities in Ireland using County Mayo as a case study

Learning Outcomes

  1. Efficiently apply research skills for the evaluation of local historical data like: church records, newspapers, manuscripts, cartographic sources and archaeological sources.

  2. Deal with a wide range of human activities ‑social, economic, political, cultural, technological, religious and scientific ‑ within the wider historical narrative

  3. Asess the roles of all sections of society (i.e. women, family, aristocratic, leaders) within the broader historical framework

  4. Demonstrate a need for critical thinking and an emphasis on the examination of history from different perspectives.

  5. Relate Mayo's history to that of Ireland and the wider world and demonstrate how national events shaped those in Mayo.

% Coursework 100%