Logistics and Marketing


Organisations who are seeing success with agility are realigning their logistic and marketing tools and activities to supply chains and value streams which has an immediate impact in terms of identifying new market opportunities and reaching markets faster.

Organisations are now beginning to realise, that to continually provide customers the service level that they demand, the interface between logistics and marketing must be core to their operations, in order to enhance the speed, precision and flexibility of moving products and services faster to the marketplace, and as a consequence of this, sustaining and maintaining customer satisfaction. This is particularly important, especially as we find ourselves in a transitional period as a consequence of Brexit and post COVID-19.

Therefore, this module will demonstrate to learners the importance of using the tools of logistics and marketing in relation to reaching markets faster.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess the key roles that logistics and marketing plays in an organisation.

  2. Discuss the means by which an organisation can create value through the interface between logistics and marketing.

  3. Evaluate digital options that can shape logistics and marketing agility in the context of supply chain management. 

  4. Write, record, research and analyse material that will facilitate logistics and marketing planning for an organisation. 

  5. Apply knowledge and skills learnt in practice, while working competently in a self-directed manner, individually, in peer-relationships and as a team member. 

  6. Reflect on the value of logistics and marketing to an organisation.

  7. Appraise the emerging trends in logistics and marketing that will help in identifying new and sustainable market opportunities.

% Coursework 100%