Machine Design


Machine Design is the branch of engineering mechanics relating to the study of engineering stresses and strains in mechanical systems. A part or component of a machine fail when the stress induced by either the static and dynamic loading exceed its allowable stiffness or strength. This module presents the engineering fundamentals necessary to analyse static and/or fatigue stresses.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Calculate the principal stresses and directions on a stress element subjected to a bi-axial stress system.

  2. Construct Mohr's circle of stress and strain for bi-axial and tri-axial load systems.

  3. Apply the laws of linear elastic fracture mechanics to biaxial systems to predict failure.

  4. Design a mechanical components subjected to static loading.

  5. Calculate the fatigue life of a structural element subjected to bending, torsional and axial loads.

  6. Implement the design procedure for fasteners, springs, bearings and shafts.

  7. Generate solid 3-D models and associated engineering drawings to communicate their designs.

% Coursework 55%
% Final Exam 45%