Major Project


This module represents the work to be delivered independently by a student to the solution of a broadly defined engineering problem and therefore it objective is to assess their capabilities in executing a challenging project (i.e. time management skills, engineering knowledge, the ability to design, built, test and analyse a solution to a complex engineering problem, presentation skills, technical writing abilities etc.). The project provides the learner with an opportunity to integrate some of the theoretical and practical skills that they have gained across the years of the programme and therefore is a demonstrator of their capabilities. At the beginning of the academic year, learners select or propose a project and are allocated a supervisor (The duty of the supervisor is to guide and advise the learner throughout the project). A schedule of project milestones, deliverables and deadlines is also given to the learner and these are assessed at various agreed stages throughout the year.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop their ability to work as an individual, with the support of a supervisor.

  2. Apply the engineering knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the course to a specfic problem.

  3. Independently conduct research in a particular field of engineering using the leading publications,(Journal/conference Papers etc).

  4. Demonstrate the ability to develop original solutions to moderately complex engineering problems. Typically the student will design, built, test and analyse a solution to an engineering problem. The solution may be a physical artefact or a numerical simulation model.

  5. Develop and present a project plan which modularises the project into work packages. Identify the resources required to complete the work packages.

  6. Write a report, create a poster, develop a video and make a presentation on the work completed, including references and recommendations for future work.

% Coursework 100%