Management Principles and Business Environment


This is a foundation course in the study of management. It explores the discipline of management by focusing initially on the definition, role, skills and functions of management. Management theory, both classical and modern, is examined; in addition there is a strong focus on the business environment, as well as the modern trends in management, including lean manufacturing. It concludes with an assessment of the ethical responsibilities of business to society.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise the role that businesses play in a modern economy and the role of the manager in managing an organisation.

  2. Describe and distinguish between classical and modern management theory.

  3. Identify modern approaches to business such as lean manufacturing.

  4. Analyse the functions of management: planning, organising, motivation and control.

  5. Assess the importance of the business environment and how social, economic and political issues affect business.

  6. Examine business action in the context of ethical business decision making.

% Coursework 100%