Managing Services


Ireland is a highly developed service economy, where the public expects prompt, efficient and high-quality service from service organisations.  This module is aimed at individuals working in a service environment (public or private sector) or who aspire to a career in service management.  It examines the nature of services and develops an approach to managing and delivering service that focuses on service processes and design, managing the public interface and improving service quality. The approach will take account of different contexts in the private and public sector, encouraging students to apply their learning to their professional context.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse the nature and context of services in the public/private sectors.

  2. Assess service users’ needs and design the service approach accordingly.

  3. Examine the role of front-line and support staff in the public/private sectors and assess the requirements for good management of these key personnel.

  4. Design efficient, effective and sustainable service processes and communication strategies in a private/public sector context.

  5. Define service quality and use tools to measure and improve service quality in a public/private sector context.

% Coursework 100%