Manufacturing Automation 3


This module introduces the student to fully automated control systems.  Through both theoretical and practical training, the student studies robotics and vision systems.

  • Robotics:

Investigating robotic capability, technology and anatomy. Development and execution of robotic programmes using standard robotic language. Practical training using 6 axis robots.

  • Vision systems

Exploring typical application areas of vision systems, as well as general machine vision information.  Practical training setting up visions system

Furthermore, the student will investigate how to integrate these with additional sensors/actuators to design fully automated manufacturing cells.



Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the industrial uses, feasibility and cost effectiveness of robotic systems.

  2. Define robotics technology and anatomy.

  3. Develop and simulate robotic programs.

  4. Describe the industrial uses and principles of a vision system.

  5. Set-up a machine vision system.

% Coursework 100%