Manufacturing Engineering 1


Manufacturing Engineering 1 introduces the learner to the basic skills of manufacturing engineering. It aims to develop in students the capability to understand, analyse, design and/or select the machinery, tooling and forming processes necessary for the production of metallic components. The focus will be on enabling students to understand the underlying material science and mathematical theories that underpin the production of components with particular emphasis on the tolerancing of the manufactured components; the safe design of forming tooling and the selection of forming equipment; the optimum and efficient use of materials and energy and the selection of appropriate manufacturing processes with particular emphasis on safety, both personal and environmental.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Integrate appropriate safety procedures in an engineering workshop.

  2. Explain the basic principles of manufacturing technology.

  3. Apply correct speeds and feeds for the selected machine operation.

  4. Describe the theory of metal machining and cutting tool technology.

  5. Use basic drilling, milling, turning, grinding and forming machines.

  6. Interpret engineering drawing and manufacture and assemble artefacts to the desired specification

  7. Operate basic workshop measurement (i.e. vernier callipers, micrometers, dial gauges etc)

  8. Complete a process plan for simple machined components.

% Coursework 100%