Manufacturing Engineering 1 (Apprenticeship)


Learners will develop the capability to understand, analyse, design and/or select the machinery, tooling and processes necessary for the production of components. The practical element of this module will enable the learners to have the skills required to safely operate workshop equipment to produce components to a desired specification. Manufacturing Engineering 1 will develop the awareness of learners of the importance of conducting manufacturing activities with due regard to the environment, regulatory and legal requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recall and implement the safety procedures to put in place in an engineering workshop with due regard to the environmental, regulatory and legal requirements

  2. Describe sustainable manufacturing processes and technologies appropriate to a range of applications.

  3. Identify and use various types of cutting tools and metrology equipment, including drill bits, turning tools, milling machine tools, vernier calipers, micrometers, dial gauges etc)

  4. Analyse and interpret engineering drawings to manufacture artefacts to the desired specification

  5. Manufacture artefacts according to a process plan using a range of workshop machines/equipment that incorporate sustainable manufacturing technologies/processes. 

% Coursework 100%