Manufacturing Skills 2


This Module introduces the theory and practice of the safe set-up and operation of basic as well as more advanced wood manufacturing machinery such as CNC equipment. The concept of jig making and usage is examined and practiced. Machine tooling, feed speeds, cutter speeds and cutter block design and their relevance is explored. Best practice for Health and Safety in relation to woodworking machinery and equipment is studied.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Plan, organise and manage the setup and operation of a variety of woodworking machines

  2. Select appropriate tooling, cutting materials and feed speeds for specific processing applications

  3. Integrate the processing capabilities of manufacturing equipment with design specifications and deadlines

  4. Incorporate health and safety regulations to a working environment using woodworking machinery and tooling

  5. Evaluate processing operations in relation to machine suitability, jig design, tooling requirements, etc.

  6. Set-up and operation of CNC equipment and usage

% Coursework 100%