Marketing Strategy Theory and Application


This is a strategic marketing module integrating the traditional marketing media with digital and social technologies at the forefront of this field.
Learners will critically review, discuss and reflect on the strategic marketing process employing techniques for strategic analysis; competitive forces assessment; target market selection; focusing data driven marketing objectives and engaging in marketing implementation and the evaluation of specialist digital marketing techniques.
The integration of digital and social media in marketing strategy development and implementation is integral to this module and participants will develop a strategic marketing plan for an organisation, following comprehensive research and analysis of organisational marketing needs; prioritising objectives in conjunction with a systematic review of web communication strategy effectiveness and optimisation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically assess the nature of the marketing environment and the corresponding governmental, competitive and technological forces triggering change.

  2. Critically evaluate consumer behaviour and engagement in a defined target market.

  3. Draw inferences, formulate independent evaluations and make recommendations based on data analysis and research of a particular specialist market segment. 

  4. Appraise the potential of a specific segment and recommend appropriate product, pricing, service, delivery and engagement strategies to meet customer requirements.

  5. Position and brand product and services appropriately, selecting and engaging the appropriate front-line media, relative to customer perceptions and contemporary competitive pressures.

  6. Formulate and deliver on an appropriate strategic plan for competitive advantage in a a particular specialist field, employing a variety of cutting edge and traditional effective communicative media and marketing technologies.

  7. Produce a reflective report interrogating and justifying if necessary, strategic marketing choices referencing ethical and legal considerations.

% Coursework 100%