Mathematics Fundamentals


The aim of this module is to give students and understanding of, and practice in, mathematical concepts and techniques that are important to both other modules in the programme and also to real world automation and robotics engineering.

This module covers the fundamentals of Numeracy, Algebra, Trigonometry, Vectors, Matrices, Complex Numbers, Differentiation, Statistics, and a range of their applications in engineering contexts.              

Learning Outcomes

  1. Perform simple arithmetic operations.

  2. Work with mathematical formula and functions.

  3. Draw graphs of standard functions and interpret graphs.

  4. Work with trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions in solving problems.

  5. Perform simple differentiation.

  6. Perform calculations involving complex numbers in Cartesian and polar form.

  7. Work with vectors and matrices.

  8. Work with data and perform simple statistical analyses.

% Coursework 30%
% Final Exam 70%