Mathematics/Statistics for Sport Coaching


This module includes mathematics, statistics, and computing skills.

1. To provide the basic mathematical skills required in the cognate health and sport areas

2. To provide an introduction to more advanced mathematical techniques required for later studies

Mathematics: This involves solving various types of equations, plotting, and using functions such as log and exponential functions to applied sports and health science scenarios.

Statistics: This includes the evaluation of the basic descriptive statistics, using the probability laws and the binomial and Poisson distribution to evaluate probabilities.

Computing: The use of Excel as a calculating tool and for plotting mathematical functions, evaluating descriptive statistics and for graphical presentation of data.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Measure and present mathematical calculations in a science/ lab/sport setting.

  2. Manipulate algebraic expressions and graph functions (linear, quadratic, non-linear equations)

  3. Perform basic trigonometric and vector calculations

  4. Solve problems and apply log, indices laws and exponential models

  5. Analyse statistical data using excel.

  6. Solve probability problems using the basic probability laws and distributions   

  7. Use technology and team-based learning to apply maths to science, health and sports contexts

  8. Use differentiation to solve ‘rate of change' and optimisation problems.

% Coursework 100%