Mechanical Dissection


The module aims to develop an appreciation for the details that must be addressed in designing and manufacturing a machine or product. Students will develop a deeper understanding of how actual devices are made, how they function, and what they are made of as well as a greater appreciation for why things are done the way that they are.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the importance of materials technology

  2. Disassemble and reassemble mechanical systems/artefacts in order to better understand their function.

  3. Recognise the importance of functional specifications in design and how they map into specific functions

  4. Effectively communicate (orally, graphically, and textually) about the function of mechanical components.

  5. Work in a team and cooperative learning environment.

  6. Correctly use engineering terminology (Stress, strain, hardness, toughness)

  7. Apply simple theory to analysis (Loads, torque, power, pressure etc.)

  8. Self study and research more effectively, and reason more effectively (Library, internet, textbooks)

  9. Describe the role of the Engineer

% Coursework 100%