Medicinal Chemistry 4.1


First semester

In the first semester of this module the basic principles of medicinal chemistry, PK, PD are discussed. Various classes of drugs and methods of drug discovery/pharmacognosy and development to preclinical stages are discussed.


Second semester

The material in the second semester will describe the different processes involved in bringing a pharmaceutical product from pre-clinical stage through to the marketplace.These activities will include scale up and chemical development (incorporating green principles), formulation, intellectual property, stability, clinical trials, validation and pharmacopoeia.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the major biological targets of therapeutic agents and the interaction of such agents with those targets

  2. Discuss the drug discovery and drug development process

  3. Discuss the significance of the ADME profile of a drug

  4. Discuss the mode of action of specific classes of drugs

  5. Discuss methods used in drug discovery and in drug design

  6. Illustrate formulation development and drug delivery systems.

  7. Explain the process of clinical trials and patent protection/lifecycle management of the drug product with reference to ethical considerations.

  8. Describe the scale-up/chemical development of an API including aspects of green chemistry, analytical method validation and Pharmacopoeia.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%