Metal Skills and Upholstery


This module introduces learners to the materials, equipment and processes involved in metal work and upholstery. Learners will attain knowledge and skills related to the competent and safe machining and fabrication of metal components suitable for cabinetmaking. Additionally, learners will develop skills in the use and application of a range of upholstery materials and techniques suited to modern furniture applications. Learning, knowledge and skills acquired will be applied in the Maker Projects 2 module as learners will be required to integrate a minimum of one metal and one upholstered component in project work completed in that module.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Setup and operate selected metalworking and upholstering machinery and tools.

  2. Formulate, prepare, fabricate and finish metal components and assemblies.

  3. Analyse and identify where and how metal and upholstery can be incorporated into furniture production.

  4. Outline current Health and Safety issues and regulations pertinent to metalwork and upholstery.

  5. Formulate, prepare, process and fit upholstery to modern furniture and furniture components.

% Coursework 100%