Museums: Management & Design


This module will provide learners with an understanding of how museums manage the many roles that they are asked to fulfil in contemporary society with specific reference to the parameters that define their activities in the Irish context. It will also help learners to grasp the multi-stage process that guides exhibition design and provide insights into the design of effective displays in museums and visitor centres.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the management systems deployed in contemporary museums, and account for the complementary management roles that are to be found within such institutions.

  2. Demonstrate how museum management and exhibition development relate to project and financial management within museums.

  3. Analyse and critique museum exhibitions and displays against a variety of societal, intellectual, aesthetic and political criteria.

  4. Formulate an interpretative strategy for an exhibition that addresses such aspects as storyline matrix, object selection, and choice of media mix. 

% Coursework 100%