New Media and Technologies


This module will consider emerging technologies and examine the effects they are currently having and will continue to have on all aspects of society and creative media.

Students will engage with emerging technologies available on campus, explore and experiment with these technologies and consider how they might impact on their own field of interest. Particular emphasis will be placed on the ethics and sustainability of any emerging technology.

Assessment is based on demonstrations, practical project and a final presentation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Construct a practical demonstration/presentation based on their chosen tech

  2. Judge the latest developments in technologies and anticipate the advantages and disadvantages of their utilisation.

  3. Appraise the potential impact of these technologies from a business, societal and sustainability perspective.

  4. Critique the ethical considerations of any evolving media. How might it contribute to the ‘truthfulness’ debate.

  5. Evaluate the impact of an emerging technology on one area of personal and professional interest.

% Coursework 100%