New Venture Planning


The module introduces Learners to the business planning process and they learn to plan a project around key milestones and concepts, including the essential skill of raising finance and gathering talent.The different options of how to protect Intellectual Property are explored. The module teaches the Learner the key skills and principles required to fund a start-up and manage and support a new venture. Learners will be broken into individuals or teams and will be asked to research and present and defend a detailed Business Plan for a proposed new venture idea. The proposed new venture idea can have been identified in the New Venture Creativity module covered by the Learner previously.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Distinguish between different types of intellectual property ownership

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of how to plan for the launch of a new venture

  3. Be in a position to research and produce a detailed business plan for a new venture idea

  4. Analyse a new venture from the perspectives of investors and funding bodies

  5. Construct a persuasive presentation on a new venture proposal for a potential investor

% Coursework 100%