GMIT and Engineers Ireland hold open lecture on biomedical engineering

Monday, November 25, 2013 Press Office
Press Release

Lecture by Dr Liam Morris, GMedTech (GMIT's biomedical engineering research centre)

A senior researcher in GMIT’s biomedical engineering research centre, GMedTech, is hosting a public lecture in GMIT’s Galway campus on Tuesday 3 December (7pm) on how this engineering discipline helps save and improve the lives of people with cardiovascular diseases.


Hosted in association with Engineers Ireland, the GMIT talk will be delivered in Room 940, Galway campus, by Dr Liam Morris, Principal Investigator, GMIT GMedTech Centre. He will describe how biomedical engineering addresses cardiovascular based problems such as aneurysms, strokes and heart attacks.


Dr Morris will show a range of vascular models designed and created by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers in GMIT’s GMedTech Centre who work together to provide clinically inspired solutions to clinicians and the MedTech Sector.


The centre was established in 2006 within the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department of GMIT and has developed life-size blood vessels and organs, based on medical images, which simulate physiological blood flows. These simulations have the capability of assessing different disease conditions and the performance of various types of medical devices and surgical procedures for academic, clinical and industrial proposes.


“This open lecture will be of interest to all people, not just engineers and those in the biomedical engineering field,” says Dr Gabriel Costello, Chartered Engineer and lecturer in GMIT’s School of Engineering.


The event takes place in the GMIT Galway campus (Dublin Road), Room 940, new building, on Tuesday 3 December, 7pm. Admission is free. For more information, contact