Students launch campaign promoting heritage value of Lynch's Castle

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Press Office
Press Release

First year Heritage degree students to conduct Shop Street survey (15 and 16 November)

First year Heritage degree students from GMIT are taking to the streets of Galway on Friday and Saturday, 15 and 16 November,  to raise awareness of the heritage value of the landmark historic Lynch’s Castle building on Shop Street.


Lynch’s Castle is currently owned and operated by Allied Irish Bank (AIB) as a branch office. AIB Bank is wholly owned by the Irish state. The students, under the direction of their lecturer Paul Gosling, BA, MIAI, are posing the question as to whether the building should be transferred into public ownership and operated as a prestigious heritage and tourist facility.


To stimulate extensive public participation, the students have set up Facebook and Twitter accounts under the slogan Lynch’s Castle – Whose Castle? A short online questionnaire using Survey Monkey will pose seven questions on the issue, including the key question: Do you think that Lynch’s Castle should be converted into a heritage facility?


The students’ on-street survey will take place on Shop Street, Galway, on Friday and Saturday, 15 and 16 November between 12 noon and 3pm. They will compile video/vox pops (voice recordings) and ask people to respond to the key question.


Paul Gosling, Lecturer in Built Heritage, GMIT, says the campaign gets people thinking and talking about the ownership and management of buildings of significant heritage value. It is an excellent learning experience for students and will help them follow best practice in their careers when they graduate.”


“Banks, buildings and heritage are very emotive topics so it’s very important that best practice is adhered to when campaigning on preservation projects. It can be hard to stay detached at times and students will be put to the test when they are out getting people’s views on Friday and Saturday.”


“AIB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Irish taxpayer so we do have a say in this.” adds Mr Gosling.


Commenting on the project, one of the first year Heritage degree students Brid Kenny says “We are looking forward to finding out what people really feel about our heritage. It will be a chance for us to learn to define heritage and to comment on issues that are so topical at the moment”.


For more information on this campaign, see  facebook (Lynch’s Castle, Whose Castle?),  Twitter: @HeritageGMIT  or email