Numerical Methods and Programming


Numerical Methods & Programming is concerned with learning various programming techniques and applying these techniques to solve numerical based engineering problems. These problems include roots of equations, 1st and 2nd order initial value differential equations, curve fitting based on the method of least squares, interpolation functions, differentiation, and integration. All of these numerical problems will be programmed, debugged, and executed.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply programming techniques for:  character, integer, float types, loops,  conditional statements, arrays, input/outputs, reading and writing files, plotting graphs, creating functions, and running and debugging a program.

  2. Apply standard techniques to solve the roots of a multi-order equation.

  3. Apply standard techniques for numerically differentiating and numerically integrating functions.

  4. Apply standard techniques for curve fitting experimental data and establishing interpolation functions.

  5. Apply standard techniques to solve 1st order and 2nd order initial value differential equations.

% Coursework 100%