Nutrition Controversies


Nutrition controversies will focus on developing student's fundamental scientific knowledge and critical reasoning skills in the area of nutritional science. Building from earlier modules that taught principles relating to evaluation of evidence and advanced research methodologies combined with a solid background in physiology, immunology and biochemistry this module will link diet and disease outcomes using available evidence.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Detail the scientific background and current consensus of opinion in a selected area of controversial research in human nutrition.

  2. Identify the major sources of nutritional literature in a systematic way in order to collect information in a selected topic.

  3. Critically evaluate scientific evidence underpinning a selected area of research in human nutrition.

  4. Discuss scientific literature and draw reasoned conclusions.

  5. Formulate an opinion based on a critical review of the existing evidence for a specific topic related to human nutrition.

  6. Engage in critical discussions on the nutritional controversies assigned.

  7. Competently communicate scientific knowledge and understanding in oral and written formats.

% Coursework 100%