Nutrition Through the Life Cycle


This module focuses on health behaviours, growth and development, physical activity and nutritional requirements for groups across the lifespan from infancy to old age. It will focus on normal nutrition, physiology, physical activity and growth and development for lifespan groups and vulnerable groups.

The module will draw on principles from psychology that will allow students to understand how health beliefs, illness and other factors impact on actions. Concepts of health education and promotion will enhance students’ knowledge and ability to communicate nutrition messages effectively to groups. The module will incorporate elements of personal and professional development such as cultural competency, social justice, translation of technical information into practical advice about food and eating, communication skills, reflection and teamwork.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss and apply a sound understanding of the physiological and biochemical reasons for the varying nutrient requirements of specific groups within the population.

  2. Develop skills in integrating knowledge into practice consistent with best available evidence in nutritional needs and health education of groups.

  3. Understand how psychological, cultural, personal, economic and social factors influence health behaviours.

  4. Critically evaluate the principles behind the recommended nutrient requirements.

  5. Apply the knowledge of health education, nutrition and human behaviour to describe, develop and evaluate education resource material.

  6. Appraise and review published work in nutrition and evaluate sometimes conflicting information and investigate and identify reasons for the conflict. Construct and present a reasoned argument.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%