Operations Management


Operations is one of the primary functions in an organisation, where it produces and delivers products and /or services.  Operations is the main value-adding activity, thus providing the overall profitability for the organisation. This module will provide students with a thorough knowledge of what is involved in the planning, producing, and scheduling of operations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the role of operations management.

  2. Explore the processes of how products or services are produced and delivered to customers.

  3. Describe how an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system works and how the major components (such as SOPs, MPS, MRP, purchasing, and shop-floor scheduling) relate to the making of the products/services.

  4. Evaluate how the lean concept can be applied to processes and products / services along with making improvement in Operations.

  5. Evaluate how resources are planned and how this process can assist in the effective and efficient running of Operations.

% Coursework 30%
% Final Exam 70%