Other Voices: Online Hub


This is a practice-based module simulating a contemporary digital newsroom. Content is focused on presenting a wide range of challenging issues, marginal voices and fresh perspective locally, nationally and internationally. Material will be showcased through a wide range of media on a dedicated website. Emphasis is placed on the ability to articulate and represent other voices rather than simply the opinions of contributors. The aim is to foreground the social role and ethical frameworks of media production. 

Students will investigate, research and report upon core concerns. They will construct and design a website, upload and format material, and manage the turnover of online content throughout the year-long module. Material (written, audio, visual, digital) is to be delivered to a standard suitable for public consumption. Emphasis is also placed on developing interpersonal skills crucial to a team working environment. To this end, more emphasis is placed on the team production of specific content when compared to individual production of the Year 2 Community Voices module. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develope topics of relevance and social importance 

  2. Undertake first and second order research and report on these utilizing a wide range of digital media (text, audio, visual)

  3. Appraise ethical principles governing public accountability in media production and abide by existing guidelines and regulatoins

  4. Undertake tasks such as website construction, design, uploading material, formatting, proofing, content management, appreciating the metrics and understanding of audience engagement

  5. Develop interpersonal skills, appreciating a positive attitude and the ability to listen, empathise, critically evaluate and communicate as a team-worker

% Coursework 100%