Painting, Photography, Printmaking - Studio Practice 2


This module places emphasis on developing skill sets in Painting, Photography and Printmaking.

Practical workshops introduce the students to materials, skills and techniques that broadens their knowledge and understanding of two dimensional media. Material and experimental approaches to image making are explored through a number of interlinked projects that expand their experience of art making and studio practice within a contemporary context. Emerging from a solid grounding in the practical aspects, the module progresses with an emphasis on developing research and conceptual skills within the 2D discipline.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of materials, skills and techniques involved in Painting, Photography and Printmaking. Display knowledge of processes used in two dimensional image making and their appropriate usage within a contemporary art context.

  2. Display visual enquiry, studio experimentation and creativity by gathering and processing research material in response to workshops and to set briefs.

  3. Articulate and synthesise ideas and critical concepts to lecturers and within peer critiques.

  4. Demonstrate an understanding and awareness of a wide range of contemporary art practice.

  5. Understand and carry out good workshop practice with an awareness of health and safety issues pertaining to studio and workshop.

% Coursework 100%