Painting, Photography, Printmaking - Studio Practice 3


The aim of this module is to consolidate practical and critical skills, develop an independent studio practice and produce a body of artworks located within a matrix of material, conceptual, art historical and contemporary references. Having developed a sense of the range of possibilities presented by research-led practice and its evolution in the previous year, students pursue a line of independent enquiry culminating in an individual body of work that reflects their critical and intellectual understanding as well as demonstrating creativity and innovation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop relevant material from research and integrate process-based material/digital investigations that utilise appropriate judgement in a wide variety of studio practices.

  2. Display an ability to exercise problem solving and to set goals that respond in an original way to a self-generated brief in the production of artworks

  3. Articulate and express conceptualised, developed thinking in group seminars, tutorials and peer critiques.

  4. Understand critical evaluation and contextualisation of personal learning in relation to Contemporary Art Practice

  5. Demonstrate the ability to care for and maintain specialised tools and technologies and work safely, in an environmentally sensitive fashion, in studios and workshops.

% Coursework 100%