PASS Leadership


PASS leadership is a module that fosters cross-year support between students on the same programme. PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) encourages first year students to support each other and to learn co-operatively under the guidance of trained students (Peer Assisted Learning Leaders). The aim of this module is to develop students leadership, communication and professional development skills through the facilitation of weekly 'PASS sessions' with first year programme groups.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the principles and practices of peer assisted learning and the role of a PASS Leader

  2. Demonstrate the knowledge and apply the facilitation and planning techniques necessary of a PASS Leader.

  3. Facilitate peer to peer learning sessions utilising a range of peer learning activities.

  4. Engage with the academic PASS champion team and reflect on this engagement experience in the session plans.

  5. Reflect on and evaluate the impact of the PASS Leader and the process in developing their leadership, communication and professional development skills

% Coursework 100%