PC Applications


To provide students with the ability and confidence to use standard workplace and Internet applications including word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation, browser, email, online meetings applications and search engine software safely.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use a personal computer operating system, examine control panel settings and be proficient with basic file management commands. (Proficiency 2.7)

  2. Research information efficiently using web browser and search engine tools. (Proficiency 2.7)

  3. Communicate proficiently using internal and external email. (Proficiency 2.7)

  4. Use a word-processing application to produce documentation relevant to the workplace. (Proficiency 2.7)

  5. Understand the concept of spreadsheets, use a spreadsheet application and have the confidence and ability to produce basic worksheets. (Proficiency 2.7)

  6. Demonstrate competence in the use of a presentation package with a view to produce quality presentations. (Proficiency 2.7)

  7. Have an awareness of health & safety issues in their use of personal computers.

% Coursework 100%