Performance analysis for coaches


This module is to provide students with the facilities to learn the theory and apply to practice of performance analysis within sporting contexts.

Students will be provided with the opportunity to learn and develop computer-based skills required to analyse performance. They will learn this through notational and computer-based analysis skills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and evaluate how theories and concepts in performance analysis and coaching are applied to enhance sporting performance

  2. Critically assess and explain the relative importance of video analysis, notational systems and information technologies to the development of performance in a variety of sporting environments.

  3. Demonstrate performance analysis of technical and movement skills based on key performance indicators and relevant literature, that will produce the most meaningful and insightful performance data across a range of sports

  4. Demonstrate the ability to set-up video recording equipment to record a sports team or individual athlete during a match/training session

  5. Operate and explain the use of digital technology, video recorded and manual methods of analysing sporting performance

  6. Develop an appropriate feedback intervention for a sports team or individual athlete and critically evaluate the impact of the intervention

% Coursework 100%