Performance Management and Decision Making


To build on the knowledge base acquired in previous accounting modules, delivering to the students more advanced techniques that may be used in decision making in a sustainable hospitality environment.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appraise and assess the role of management accounting in decision-making within the context of a sustainability focused budgetary framework, planning, and managing a business in the hospitality business environment.

  2. Appraise cost volume profit relationships in a multi product scenario..

  3.  Evaluate short term decision-making techniques from a sustainability perspective, including limiting factors and relevant costs, and the effect that scarce resources will have on decisions made.

  4. Identify and evaluate uncertainty and risk in decision making and problem solving.

  5. Critically appraise the role of overhead apportionment models in advanced pricing techniques.

  6. Critically evaluate the importance of effective working capital techniques in the areas of accounts receivable, inventory and cash.

% Coursework 30%
% Final Exam 70%