Philosophy of the Self


Philosophy of the self aims to provide social care students with the knowledge and ability to interact and engage with some of the most fundamental philosophies in the history of western thought. These philosophies have shaped, and continue to shape, today's world. Students will be introduced to the various branches of philosophy including metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, existentialism and contemporary philosophical theories as they relate to social care.

Learning Outcomes

  1. differentiate the main schools of philosophical thought regarding human progression and development through the lens of social care (Proficiencies 5.3)

  2. examine western philosophy from early Greek philosophy to contemporary philosophy (Profiencies 5.4)

  3. identify the need for philosophical thought, self-reflection, and autonomous learning with respect to Social Care work. (Proficiencies 1.22, 5.19)

  4. appraise philosophical literature regarding human development and how it helps shapes the way we interpret the world. (Proficiency 5.2)

% Coursework 100%