Students are placed in an appropriate organisation in order to complete a six month work placement. Placements must be approved by the academic placement supervisor prior to commencement. The student will be placed under the guidance of a placement supervisor from the host company. This placement will provide the opportunity for each student to gain practical experience in a real-life setting.

Students alternatively can enrol in an Erasmus exchange programme with an appropriate academic institution subject to approval by the programme board.

An Academic placement may also be carried out at GMIT when facilitation at an external setting is not possible. Alternatively a hybrid model may be employed involving a combination of external and internal opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Illustrate the organizational structure of the host company.

  2. Describe the regulatory working environment of the company, including the basis of the company's GMP, validation and health and safety procedures.

  3. Communicate effectively with other staff.

  4. Organise workload and set priorities.

  5. Discuss the importance of quality management.

  6. Have significantly contributed to the achievement of one or more of the industry's production, quality, regulatory or other objectives.

  7. Criticially evaluate their placement experience in terms of personal development and assess the effect of their placement experience on their future career prospects

% Coursework 100%