Placement 1


In year 2 students will undertake their first work placement module. This placement will last for the duration of an academic semester and will take place in a school setting. The module is designed to provide the student with the opportunity to practically apply knowledge and skills acquired in their undergraduate studies to date.

The aim of the placement is: (i) to introduce the learner to a structured employment setting in a relevant work sector, and (ii) to foster a practical understanding of the application of coaching science.

The placement experience will be supported by a GMIT supervisor in conjunction with a workplace mentor.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply relevant coaching knowledge and skills to a school setting.

  2. Adopt effective provision planning, teamwork, problem solving and communication skills and work effectively within the placement organisation.

  3. Evaluate the achievement of personal and professional learning goals set prior to placement, both during and at the end of the placement experience.

  4. Evaluate and reflect on learning, skills and knowledge gained in the work context, and their implications for future personal and professional development.

% Coursework 100%