Placement 2


Placement 2 focuses on enhancing the students' understanding of physical activity for disability and inclusivity. This placement will run over an 8-week period. As part of the module students will be involved in the planning and running of a physical activity/exercise session for children with disabilities, aged between 11-16.

The children will be from the local community with and will come in one evening a week. Students will be in pairs/threes and working with a child of disability, providing physical activity exercises for them to complete. This placement will include the wider community and provide parents with a physical activity session for their child to attend.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Provide children with special needs the opportunity to play and interact socially with peers.

  2. Discuss strengths and weaknesses of current assessment tools and procedures used to measure the physical and motor abilities of individuals with developmental disabilities. Demonstrate an understanding of which assessment tools are appropriate for which types of children with disabilities.

  3. Discuss issues related to attitudes of sport coaches, teachers and students without disabilities towards inclusion; understand safety issues as they relate to inclusive physical education.

  4. Employ effective time management, preparation, communication, conflict resolution and teamwork skills.

  5. Reflect upon and analyse the learning experiences attained during the placement experience.

% Coursework 100%