Placement 3


Placement 3 will be the 3rd placement that BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching students complete as part of their studies. This will be a full-time placement completed in semester 1 year 4 over a 12-week period. The students will complete a placement in an area of their choice. During this period, students will also be expected to collect data for their Final Year Project (FYP). This module builds on the expertise that students acquired in Placement 1 and 2 and enables them to select a placement in their chosen coaching environment/industry. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate insight and make plans for continuous professional development in collaboration with peers and mentors to advance learning in sport coaching.

  2. Critically evaluate relevant scientific evidence, communicate and apply findings to practice.

  3. Apply effective project management, teamwork, conflict resolution, problem solving and communication skills and work effectively within the placement  organisation.

  4. Organise, establish and document data, process and communication on a sport coaching placement into written reports and oral presentations to acceptable professional standards.

  5. Critically evaluate and reflect on learning, skills and knowledge gained in the work/community context, and their implications for future personal and professional development.

% Coursework 100%