Placement Module


There are three options for this 30 Credit Placement Module:

a) Students are placed in an appropriate organisation in order to complete a six-month work placement. Placements must be approved by the academic placement supervisor prior to commencement. The student will be placed under the guidance of a placement supervisor from the host company. This placement will provide the opportunity for each student to gain practical experience in a real-life setting, authentic learning environment. Students will be required to fully integrate with their host and through support of a mentor gain valuable experience beyond the confines of their home institute. (30 Credits)

Please note: This industry placement can be extended to nine-months at the discretion of the employer.

Alternatively, students can:

b) Select the 'COMP07109 2023 Professional Practice in IT - Work Placement alternative' module (30 Credits)

c) Enrol in an Erasmus exchange programme with an appropriate academic institution subject to approval by the programme board. (30 Credits)


Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the skills, knowledge and theories they have learned in semesters 1-5 of their degree programme in real-life industry situations.

  2. Record the significant daily events in a Placement Diary, and combine these into a Written Report of recorded specific work tasks and reflections on the overall work experience.

  3. Demonstrate the development of vital skills, such as time-keeping, team-work, communication, management, receiving, executing and forwarding instructions and the technical skills required to implement the project/s on which they are involved.

  4. Deliver a presentation on the key insights regarding the placement experience within the host company (including a critical evaluation of personal development and potential future career prospects).

  5. Understand recruitment and selection processes used by organisations (including interview, cv, cover letter and online portfolio preparation).

  6. Participate and communicate in a professional manner as an individual and as a member of a team in the workplace.

  7. Develop their academic, professional and technical knowledge through work based learning, Erasmus programme or alternative project.

% Final Exam 100%