Pottery Production and Studio Management


The overall objective of this module is for the learner to gain familiarity with the basic tools and equipment used in the ceramics studio, their uses, and maintenance. To develop introductory tool-making skills, accuracy in basic throwing, finishing, and related auxiliary skills and techniques. The learner will gain an understanding of the drying out process in relation to the implementation of the various throwing and finishing techniques. Ultimately the module will require the learner to develop efficient work habits, awareness of best practices, personal responsibility, and general conduct in the workshop, specifically in relation to health and safety workshop.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use and maintain personal and general workspace and studio equipment in a manner that supports efficient and safe work practice for self and others.

  2. Display an understanding of the recycling process of clay, mindful of health and safety implications.

  3. Demonstrate understanding of the drying out process in relation to the implementation of various production techniques.

  4. Reproduce a range of prescriptive pottery shapes to exact dimensions.

  5. Demonstrate safe practices in relation to the manual handling of clay and clay management.

% Coursework 100%