Pottery Production Techniques I


The learner will continue to develop skills and fluency in wheel thrown production; tool making, speed and accuracy required for effective production to industry standard. Build on production planning, time management and communication skills as an individual and as a part of a team, employing good workshop practice and developing competence, creativity and innovation in developing new shapes and designs.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the mechanical principles of pottery design to produce ware that is fit for purpose and made at a speed and is viable for industry and business consideration.

  2. Work and communicate successfully in a production team.

  3. ‘Throw’ clay forms using a wheel which involves centring, opening up forms, pulling up walls, collaring, forming rims and lips, and the turning of leather-hard forms.

  4. Organise and monitor all stages of making to achieve successful production and efficiency.

  5. Assume responsibility as a part of a team for maintaining a clean environment that supports safe and efficient production.

  6. Identify and discuss the key areas of effective work-based health & safety, and apply the characteristics of a safe working environment in their developing practice.

% Coursework 100%