Pottery Production Techniques II


This module integrates the accumulated learning from the pottery production module in year 1.  It consists of advanced throwing, hand building, jigger jolly & press moulding techniques in order to develop the learner's speed, accuracy and range for application in the ceramics industry. The learner will experiment with different types of clays, shapes, scale and develop a personal approach and response to the material. The learner will employ and demonstrate effective teamwork skills, production planning, progress tracking, quality management, organisation and product viability/pricing.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Select and apply a comprehensive range of ceramic skills (throwing, hand building, press moulding) to reproduce a variety of given shapes & sizes accurately with a high quality of finish.

  2. Develop and refine the conceptual and material aspects of their practice through the exercise of critical reflection and judgment.

  3. Organise and monitor all stages of ceramic production to achieve production efficiency.

  4. Work independently, demonstrate leadership skills and/or contribute as part of a team in the evaluation and management of ceramic production.

  5. Choose the appropriate clay required according to its type and use it in the production process.

  6. Judge and control the drying process according to changing atmospheric conditions.

  7. Implement relevant production techniques at the correct stages in the drying out process.

  8. Apply appropriate health, safety and personal hygiene practices to safeguard against accidents and hazards.

% Coursework 100%